Office Clearances

Chelmsford Auction Rooms is a long-established office clearance company covering Essex and all the surrounding counties including London.

If you are relocating or closing an office, Chelmsford Auction Rooms can help facilitate clearing your old office. Our clearance staff will help you remove any items you no longer need from your office and can either dispose of these items legally with our waste clearance license or put them into one of our auctions for you to receive money back from your assets.

We offer different options for office clearances to suit different needs, if you are unsure which one suits you best please call us on 07768 344 132 to speak directly to our experts and we can talk you through which one is best for you.




If you have removed all the items from your office and only require your property clearing, Chelmsford Auction Rooms can get this done for you. We are an Upper Tier Registered Waste Disposal license holder which allows us to dispose of other peoples property legally. Call us on 07768 344 132 to get an immediate quote.



We visit your offices and assess any items that we know could be sold at our auction. We will then catalogue all the items that are going to be auctioned and transport these to our secure storage facility. We will then remove everything else at the property, recycling everything that can be and the rest being legally disposed of. The items sold at auction go towards the cost of the clearance and disposal and the rest is all yours. Call us on 07768 344 132 to get an immediate quote.


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